Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello world, I found all the OBO art exhibition photos. Bully for me.


The room of lanterns. Hung up with coloured wool.


The lanterns were made of inkblot-artwork by the workshop participants.


And cutout shadow-figures, also by participants.


Our youngest visitor.


The photography room. Again, wool to the rescue.


And I had a photo exhibited! Behold my very talented friend Soumi doing what she does best.
This is a scan, hence grainy.


Mirna in front of the mural we painted during workshops. I can't find a photo of the entire thing right now but you'll have to take my word for it, it was crazy colourful and very, very awesome.


Shaky shiny dame.




Aaand the team! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All the OBO stuff

From over a year ago. Posters and logo design from the pre-Photoshop days when all I could do was add filters and then shift to Picasa to add text because I didn't know how to do it on PS. Cringe. This was also my texture-hating phase so there's a lot of unwanted accidental texture, which I think helped because of the raw scribbled feel that OBO's art workshops had. Now that I love texture none of my stuff turns out this way. Life, irony, etc.


This is the first logo I ever designed. I can't find a bigger version on my computer right now, it's probably lying around on a cd.

Film Festival poster

Film Festival Poster.

Film Festival schedule

Film festival schedule.
I've had the concept of readability explained to me now and figured that this is, well, unreadable. But I'm putting it up anyway, maybe I'll go from ape to opposable thumb more quickly if I can discern the progress made.

Teasers for the Art Exhibition

Film Festival teaser


OBO - art exhibition poster

Official Art Exhibition poster.

And look, photos of the art exhibition are up. Rejoice, I say.